It’s been a few months since the release of i.e. crazy’s album Non Compos Mentis, a “wonderfully neurotic and idiosyncratic” record that walks “that tight rope between discordant and melodic”. (Overblown.co.uk)

i.e. crazy continues to tow the line of discomfort and delicate touch, returning today with a game of sensory roulette. Praying Mantis features chop-up collaged visuals of the sensuous and the squeamish – a comforting lick of toffee, the soft twinkle of perfectly manicured nails on a desktop, or the garish bright splash of blood on pink butcher’s scrubs.

Directed and intuitively edited by Maggie Magee herself, the video comprises footage of serious ASMR YouTubers ASMRTHECHEW & ASMRDeutscheVita, as well as a spread of other dubiously obtained material. The video seizes on the contingencies of poor-quality “found” footage and the possibilities of chop-up methods.

A song musing on the cannibalistic nature of sexual appetite, Praying Mantis sees fluids spilled, spent, sucked and swallowed, limbs ingested and rejected, bodies fused together as in Medusian stone – death, stasis; immortality.

WARNING: contains graphic content.