Dharma Dogs – “Fluke Or Flounder”

Dharma DogsThere’s a racket that emerged from the Midwest – and as much as we use the word “fuzzed out” to describe a number of bands that have passed through the label, this is one of those moments where it isn’t hyperbole; it’s pure fact.

Dharma Dogs are that brand of grunge before MTV homogenized it; a scummy, sweaty, dangerously noisy punk spirit with a sardonic, slacker mentality to it.

Fluke or Flounder“, the first single from the forthcoming long player, is everything that we love about guitar music – it’s abrasive, rusty, unpleasant and really fucking loud.

We’re not citing Madison as being “The Next Seattle” (that honor goes to Tauranga, obviously), but then we are saying that there is a hotbed of talent that perhaps is not being as noticed as it should – along with Coordinated Suicides, Momotaros and Paint, Dharma Dogs are/were one of those bands that helped you forgiven that Madison was the birthplace of 311 lead singer Nick Hexum.

Anarchic and spewing with vitriol (piss and vinegar was a metaphor we thought sold it short – so we checked out a dictionary for a big word), Dharma Dogs’ body of forthcoming work in fact sweep across the punk rock spectrum, with moments that New Zealander’s would nod to a caustic version of The Gordons with an astringent post-punk flair to the helter-skelter of abrasive noise rock that god bows to math helped to build this very record label on.

We’ve almost penned a media release for the forthcoming album – so best we stop now before we run out of material. Enjoy. Loud.

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