CRAIG ELLIOTT – Tender Trample

Ladies and gentlemen – have you met Craig Elliott? Ex-pat New Zealander currently living in the Netherlands? The first European signing to MUZAI Records when the label relocated? The musician who almost landed ourselves with our first cease-and-desist letter by virtue of his last EP (and it’s subsequent video)?

Those of you who have, fantastic – you know what to expect from Craig’s first full length album, Tender Trample, released digitally worldwide from May 19th 2017. For those however that are unaware of the carousel-punk fuzz that Elliott bestowed upon listeners the first time around (or you’ve simply forgot), perhaps his most recent single, “Lonely Outlaw” can help you decide on where to pigeonhole him.

Recorded in Amsterdam between 2015 and 2016, Tender Trample‘s eight tracks of vaudevillian noise-pop (another term we’ve used to describe it) is once more a hyper-caffeinated affair between affected vocals, drum machines and unhinged guitar solos akin to his previous EP’s. However in contrast to the combined Abandoned Theme Parks EP (which is still available on cassette tape… just saying), the walls of Elliott’s new work are stained not merely with kaleidoscopic colors but a more belligerent underbelly to it – “Give and Receive” and “Petit Palais” highlighting that there is no more fun around those theme parks Craig once sang about and instead it’s a scrutinized look ahead now the merriment has ended.

Tender Trample is released through iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp and all digital outlets from May 19th 2017. That includes Deezer also, believe it or not…

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