You can either sink or swim; that is sometimes the options that are given to you in life – be it an artist, a sports person or a musician. Sometimes you just choose to sink. The flip side of that is you swim and you survive. Or at the very worst, you cope.

Young Hellions is Maeve Munro swimming and surviving.

It also happens to be the former Bengal Light/Cat Venom performer’s growth from an “ugly duckling” to the disorderly young adult her nom de guerre, Young Hellions, represents.

Taking matters into her own hands, creating music that tears apart what previously has enveloped her and in doing so crafting large, full scale musical structures – a decadent antithesis to the sometimes “minimalist” tag that some of her previous works have endured.

For those who followed Munro throughout the years, this is the musician no longer a mere teenager finding her musical feet. This is Munro in adulthood and unrestrained in her creativity.