They rallied the mighty unwashed of Tauranga with the battle cry of “Fuck MUZAI” in a wrestling-style feud that went either incredibly well or terribly wrong (depending on your view of kayfabe and promotional stunts). But like the mighty Ric Flair, it’s with a tear in our eyes that Threat.Meet.Protocol have returned to the label they once (actually, regularly) eschewed.

Boasting a third member perhaps led to Scowlin Wolf (Austin to some) and Human Ashtray (Stefan on the weekends) to, god forbid, grow up and move away from the anger of Aucklanders moving to Tauranga. Perhaps like Kevin Smith there is only so much mileage in purple humour. Unlike Kevin Smith, their later body of work has created an interest in the band’s foray in adulthood. By that, we mean less of the dick drawings…

Now accompanied by Luke Turner on synths, Threat.Meet.Protocol have hit their stride once again having admitted that there was only so much that can be done as a two piece and now delving into a world of dynamics within their music. Where once there was “farmcore”, the hillbilly offspring of Mark Arm and Fred Dagg, comes a more dancepunk imbued sound – the soy latte drinking offspring of The Horrors… And Fred Dagg.

Not only have the farm boys done good, but they’ve seemingly cleaned up their act. At least when our backs aren’t turned.

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