Sing-a-long with Craig Elliott

“We need a music video Craig – what can you do?” “Not too sure. Any thoughts?” “What about a lyric video? That’s simple enough to get the music out there a little more.” “Sure – I’ll talk to Will Agnew. He did the video for Hole In The Wall Gang.” That pretty much was the conversation

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Video – Threat.Meet.Protocol – !​@​%​#?

As industrious as the port of the city they are based in (so Wikipedia has told us – that paragon of honest information), Tauranga’s les enfants terribles Threat.Meet.Protocol have released the third video from their 2016 album, Mindless Consumption to the general viewing public – the pretty much unpronounceable “!@%#?“

Young Hellions – Fractures and Cacophony

Fuzzed out pop probably best describes the latest output from Leeds based musician Maeve Munro a.k.a Young Hellions. Rather than subject audiences to an album’s worth of new material, the songwriter instead presents two singles to either a) test the water or b) see how people respond to her musical direction.