god bows to math - Brighter Futures out now

Cat Venom – EP – released May 21st 2012

With a 95bFM Top Ten hit under their belt, two well-attended shows at Whammy Bar as part of two different events and a drummer now in their midsts, it’s pretty fair to say the chronicles of Cat Venom’s previous “incarnation” are well overdue.

Having last released the popular “Bats In The Belfry” and “Old Meat” on 7” vinyl (acetate, in reality) back in July 2010, the band have finally completed what Maeve Munro cites as a “transitional piece”, from Cat Venom’s exploits of old as a two piece to their new status as a trio (rounded out by new drummer Mark Forlong).

The release also sees Munro and co-conspirator Zina Gladiadis work their way up to a modern format – C-10 cassette now, and finally Compact Disc come their album in 2013. “With a minidisc release in between”, Munro jokes.
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Borderline Festival 2012 – MUZAI artists playing

Cheese On Toast leaked an hour ago the line up for this year’s Borderline Festival, taking place at Whammy and Wine Cellar on April 5th, 6th and 7th. For the uninitiated, Borderline is put on by Rohan Evans, he of both The Wine Cellar and Whammy fame (and an awesome curator to boot), and in the past has had some eclectic, incredible line ups from emerging artists not just in New Zealand but from all over the world also.

This year we’re stoked that both god bows to math and Cat Venom have both be chosen as part of the festival – this would mark potentially the first time Cat Venom will play with their new live drummer, and would be the last New Zealand show god bows to math play ahead of their 10-date tour of Australia.

Tickets aren’t on sale as of yet, but we’ll have links the moment they do.