god bows to math - Brighter Futures out now

So we’re finally allowed to hold DIANA ROZZ’s hand in public….

After much hand holding, discussing what we both wanted from a relationship and a third party entering the love triangle behind closed doors, we’re both happy to come out in public and announce to the world, in true Facebook fashion…

“MUZAI Records and Diana Rozz are now in a relationship”

The Wellington trio (Gemma, Emily and Hannah to their friends), have been courted since late last year and despite a few obstacles, will now be releasing their debut EP, Numbskull, through MUZAI Records and Rhythmmethod from April 25th 2011. On top of this, the band will have their launch party at Auckland’s Whammy Bar on April 30th as part of Cheese On Toast’s monthly “Cossie Club.”

Having slugged it through the NZ music scene for over 6 years together, the girls in Diana Rozz have finally amalgamated into the heavy breathing, face smooshing “post-Dunedin, neo-lesbian” band they always dreamed they could be.

They may seem a little loose, but these ladies are serious about meaty music. It may be some sort of rebellion against their former pop band, but as soon as they got the chance they turned their amps up WAY loud, and freaked out on their instruments – creating some kind of monster music that sounded somewhat like heavy experimentalgazepop.

Diana Rozz have played with the likes of Deerhoof, with Die! Die! Die! & Thought Creature on a boat, with Dan Deacon in a lounge, at Campus a Low Hum, had a tour of the South Island, played at Ladyfest in Wellington, partied with So So Modern for their album release and also done a crap load of other gigs with other freakin’ awesome local bands.

They  recorded their EP with music whizz Jeremy Coubrough (member of Orchestra of Spheres, Marineville, Bright Colours etc) recorded their EP in the depths of Newtown, and mix master James Goldsmith (who has mixed and/or mastered the likes of Die! Die! Die!, Grayson Gilmour, Tommy Ill etc) put the final touches on it.