Super Narco Man – Near Kill Experience

Gritty. Manic. Visceral. Nauseating. The videos is pretty much of a similar ilk also. Super Narco Man mark their debut through MUZAI Records with the release of their video for Near Kill Experience, taken from their forthcoming album Dank Mammoth Deluxe.

Directed and edited by Jackson Dimarzio, the Tauranga group’s video charts the discretions of a well to-do gentleman on a night out and the subsequent repercussions for the “man about town.” Know for his rather unconventional videos (working with Threat.Meet.Protocol and Hollywoodfun Downstairs) which hark back to a time where music videos had a narrative, it’s another almost grindhouse-like delight from the prolific filmmaker.

Given the protean nature of Super Narco Man, it’s a marriage of styles; the frantic guitar work throughout the single analogous with the lyrical pattern doesn’t know whether is treads the alternative rock route, the jazz-punk route or the mathcore route. It’s a collection of styles that make it hard to pinpoint an exact  style or genre to pigeonhole it into. Again though, that’s always for the best…

Bursting on to the Tauranga Music Sux scene near fully formed in 2012, Super Narco Man quickly made waves with a sound mixing virtuoso talent, vibrant youth and as of yet unheard of ability to actually be able to play their instruments. Winning over crowds consisting of the same 30-50 faces, Super Narco Man honed their abilities and performances with a work ethic that could be considered borderline maniacal.

Playing whenever and wherever they could from bridges to boats to house parties and traditional venues around the country. Gigging with acts of varying notoriety from compatriots Die!Die!Die!, Hollywoodfun Downstairs to international acts like Guitar Wolf, King Brothers and the Cosmic Psychos helped develop a sound and style while influenced by their settings and surrounds is one intrinsic to them.

Consisting of freakish guitar noodler and off key vocaliser, Joel Burgin. Jesus impersonator and the only white bass player ever with groove, Matt Gibson. And the worlds sweatiest yet hardest hitting drummer Rik Gainsford. Super Narco Man have settled on a sound unlike any other. Led by massive mind bending guitar riffs, headache inducing drum explosions and ball busting basslines their songs are ones that instantly hook you with their catchy refrains and familiar yet idiosyncratic three piece guitar lead rock sound.