i.e. crazy is Claire Duncan/Maggie Magee (Dear Time’s Waste; Literal Fuck). i.e. crazy’s electric folk tales mimic the much-feared (albeit fictional) wandering womb: unashamedly emotional, overwrought; blindly roaming to painful impact. The result: cracked, hysteric, needy, non compos mentis – swinging from sickly to strong to downright demented in as many breaths. i.e. crazy’s intense ventures take song-form as a narrative macro-zoom into awkward human intimacy: the deranged ex-lover who won’t leave you alone; a batty neighbour spying through the fence; a stranger at the bus stop who holds your gaze that fraction too long.

Upon release, i.e. crazy’s “highly infectious” (undertheradar.co.nz) debut single ‘You’re a Stranger (to me now)’ was quickly elevated to high-rotate on student radio around New Zealand; earning the title of New Zealand Single of the Year from Otago Daily Times. “[It’s] a barrage of emotional dysfunction and honest feeling, setting fire to both the past and the future’, said the ODT. ‘It’s at once depressive and courageous… no one does crazy like i.e. crazy.’ Second single ‘An Incident on the Edge of Town’ has recently climbed to a similarly addictive status on student radio around the country.

i.e. crazy’s live performances have earned such despairing accolades as “that was scary”; “you got some balls, girl”, and “a cleanse for both audience and performer”.