MUZAI Records is a New Zealand independent record label based in Leeds

MUZAI Records started by releasing bespoke CDRs from the front room of a Auckland City apartment and years later has now seen its artists played on Radio New Zealand, BBC Radio 6, Amazing Radio and countless college/community radio stations.

MANIFESTO 2016: MUZAI as an art space.

MUZAI houses “residencies” with artists from a broad range of the musical spectrum. Some are artists with a full time residency with us. Others choose to just have one or two exhibitions with us. We facilitate what is necessary. We thrive with what is impossible. We tolerate what is expected (sometimes known as “the norm”)

MUZAI regularly punches above it’s weight

MUZAI can be jerks at times, but really has heart of gold.

Demo submissions

  • To be addressed to: info@muzairecords.com.
  • No MP3 attachments.
  • Soundcloud streams, Dropbox links or other formats that won’t destroy our data cap are appreciated.


  • Distribution in the United Kingdom and ROTW handled by The State51 Conspiracy.
  • Distribution in New Zealand handled by Rhythmethod.

Press inquiries