Craig Elliott – Lonely Outlaw

From the abandoned theme park where Craig Elliott had once invited you to visit echoes an eerie melody one may expect from a dilapidated carousel as it spins around and around with no one in sight. Such are the visuals that “Lonely Outlaw“, Elliott’s latest single, seem to evoke – with a sense of grandiosity burgeoning in relation to his forthcoming release.

The macabre track, that we’ve for some reason dubbed as “Brechtianpunk”, isn’t a huge move away from the previous works of the Amsterdam based New Zealand musician – “The Whole In The Wall Gang” video touched upon Elliott’s somewhat underlying fascination with juxtaposing the innocence of a funfair and Vaudeville with the dark subtext of his work. “Abandoned Theme Park” perhaps not so subtle by contrast (and we’ve still yet to get a take-down notice for that – apart from Merlin, but all industry in-joking aside…)

Craig is set to release his newest compilation of works through all digital platforms the first half of 2017. His previous works, the compiled EP “Abandoned Theme Park (Double EP)” is still available on cassette tape through MUZAI Records.


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