god bows to math - Brighter Futures out now


MUZAI: Year 5
The Wine Cellar and Whammy Bar, St Kevin’s Arcade, Auckland – 17th May 2014

Auckland independent record label MUZAI Records have achieved a feat that still never ceases to amaze them – they’re still operational. More-so, they’ve been going for five years; that’s half a decade, for the mathematically inclined.

Cue vast amounts of back slapping and handshakes for lasting that lot. Thank you, thank you…

It just so happens that the label is also leaving New Zealand this year, and basing itself in the sunnier climates of Manchester, England – thus becoming (to the best of our knowledge) the world’s first “British-based New Zealand record label.”

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Wilberforces – Paradise Beach – April 26th 2013

wilberforces2013To those who are agitated, confused or bewildered about when the next Wilberforces release would surface, rest assured there is a date. Sometimes you just have to be cautious; especially when it comes to releasing something on 12” vinyl.

A German vinyl pressing for all those audiophiles out there who might be interested…

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Wilberforces – Paradise Beach Tour 2012

Things have been a little too quiet on the Wilberforces this year. In 2011, the duo released their sophomore effort, “Vipassana”, to strong reviews and equally strong crowds during their tour. The success of this even led them to opening Big Day Out 2012 – ultimately what became the last BDO to occur in New Zealand.

Thankfully though, Thom and Chris have decided to end 2012 on a high note; and not content with just playing Auckland, Hamilton and Wellington, are FINALLY making their way down to the South Is

land once again, playing Lyttleton and Dunedin ahead of the release of their forthcoming EP, “Paradise Beach.”
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Wilberforces @ Cassette #9 tomorrow night

Wilberforces take to Casette #9 tomorrow night, as part of the newly revamped MUM Clubnight that started last week. They’re supporting the always astounding Sharpie Crows, while Casey Latimer’s Girls Pissing on Girls Pissing project opens up the evening (a busy night for Casey at that!).

Doors are at 10pm, first band on at 11pm and it’s a meagre $10 entry.

Cassette #9 is on Vulcan Lane if you didn’t know any better – opposite the Occidental where the last few times we’ve walked past the in-house band have been doing Brit-pop covers…

Wilberforces confirmed for 95bFM Summer Series

Completing the news-burp of information this evening…

Wilberforces, who have had their track “Believement” playlisted on 95bFM, have been confirmed for the radio station’s annual “Summer Series”, taking place on March 10th.

Taking place at the Silo Park in Auckland (the venue used for this year’s Laneway Festival), they play alongside a fantastic line up, including Street Chant (on our besties’ label, Arch Hill Recordings), Die! Die! Die!, The Golden Awesome, Princess Chelsea and The Checks.

The whole event will be broadcast live on 95bFM during the day, and is going to be free to enter!

More details available at 95bFM‘s website.

Oh hey 2012 – We’re MUZAI, and we’re “Independent Fighting Spirit”

A hoy hoy everyone out there…

Here we are once again, the start of a new year. 2011 proved to be an interesting one in many respects; we had some great accolades with Wilberforces, god bows to math and Sherpa all making headway in the music “biz” and we’re now two and a half years old. Still learning, truth be told.

But leaps and bounds have occurred since we last wrote to you, the general media in New Zealand (and for some of you in the “blogosphere”). Benjii Jackson is now part of the IMNZ board and perhaps the youngest member on there, Sherpa are opening this year’s Laneway Festival in Auckland as Wilberforces opened the final Big Day Out just his past Friday. god bows to math finally dropped their debut album to mass acclaim not just at home but abroad, and Cat Venom decided to bite the bullet and rope in a drummer for 2012. By now also you’ll know that Pairs will be in the country this week for their first tour outside the Asian continent. Why New Zealand we have no clue…
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Wilberforces sign to MUZAI Records

With a follow up to 2009’s lauded debut Haunted about ready to see the light of day and the band having fine-tuned their sound to adapt to their new stripped back approach, MUZAI Records are pleased to announce the signing of Wilberforces to the label – as Vipassana, the groups’ second album, is released in stores from August 22nd 2011 (through Rhythmethod)

The group have been long sought after by MUZAI Records for good reason; two alternative radio hits (“Tidal Waves”, “My Mind Is In My Paws”) from their critically praised debut Haunted, an inclusion in Music.Hype’s NZ Indie LP and a prolific following in Auckland’s music scene. Vocalist/guitar Thom Burton has had a been a long standing veteran of the local music scene also – from his more recent electronic music exploits as Moppy, through to his breakout work in Yokel Ono (including an A Low Hum tour).

With well documented problems retaining band members (in particular the case of drummer), Burton and long time collaborator Chris Varnham (The Midnights) have decided to strip themselves back to a simple drums/guitar/vocals combination. Despite this, their sound still retains its melodic, powerful dynamics… and Burton’s sharp tongue still as poisonous as ever.
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