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19.Jul.2012 Ipswich – “Baby factory” – Out Today!

Having released onto 5.25” floppy disc the first time around, it was decided to take a more “conventional” route with Ipswich’s debut studio album. No need to panic though – Baby factory, out July 20th through MUZAI Records, proves that they still are “noisy pricks.” Winners of RDU’s Roundup 2012 competition and steadily becoming a […]

04.Jun.2012 Ipswich – Soy Division

In anticipation of Ipswich’s debut studio album, Baby factory, released through MUZAI Records from July 20th, the band have once more graced Internet audiences who love a good download with… well… a good download: “Soy Division”, the first single to emerge from the album. The single was debuted on Auckland radio station 95bFM during an […]

11.Mar.2012 Ipswich – Live In Dunedin

Young Christchurch post-punk trio Ipswich ready audiences for what to expect from their live shows as Live In Dunedin is released April 2nd through Bandcamp… and 5.25” floppy disc. Recorded live at Idiot Prayer’s farewell show in January, marking the group’s debut in Dunedin, this wasn’t the first time the idea of a live album […]

20.Feb.2012 Ipswich – 24 Hour Streaming, People

Come on people! It’s only streaming for 24 hours! This three track sampler comes from the bands forthcoming release, recorded at the last Idiot Prayer (who we all miss, love and want to hang out with again soon, might we add) show in Dunedin earlier this year. Ipswich “vow” you only get a 24 hour […]

22.Jan.2012 Oh hey 2012 – We’re MUZAI, and we’re “Independent Fighting Spirit”

A hoy hoy everyone out there… Here we are once again, the start of a new year. 2011 proved to be an interesting one in many respects; we had some great accolades with Wilberforces, god bows to math and Sherpa all making headway in the music “biz” and we’re now two and a half years […]


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